Here is a list of resources that we have collected over the years.  If you have any links or documents you think would help our collection, please send them our way so we may share them with everyone.

If you need shift calendars printed, here is a link to a company in Pasadena, CA that do any types of custom work:

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Boise Fire Department’s Implementation Process
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Linked Pages:

Los Angeles Fire Department Report
PDF of their Summary of Schedule

Union City Fire Department Local 1946 Proposal

Union City Fire Department Local 1946 Supplemental Information Discussion Page

Provo, Utah's Packet
(all their documentation from proposal to implementation)

Round the Clock Systems Report
(talks about the advantages of the 48-96 schedule in family life)
Round the Clock Report.pdf

San Jose Fire Department Union Page
(48-96 proposal listed on left column)

Millbrae Fire Department Proposal

BW Printworks
(Firefighter owned company for printing unique shift calenders with many options)

Linked Files:

Groom Creek Implementation Documents
48-96 Pamphlet.PDF
48-96 Policy.PDF
Staffing Policy.PDF

ERFPD Report.ppt
Created by the Eagle River Fire Protection District Eagle-Vail and Avon, Colorado
(PowerPoint Required for this 100K file download)

Woodland Fire and Rescue, what was learned
PDF of the results of their trial

Orange County Fire Authority Proposal
Orange County.pdf

Provo 48-96.doc

Sacramento Fire Feasibility Report
Sacramento Fire Feasibility Report.pdf

San Jose Report March 2003
San Jose Report March 2003.pdf

Kelly Schedule/24-48/48-96 side by side comparison
Schedule comparison.doc

Roseville 48-96 report

Westminster Firefighter’s Report on the 48-96

Frequently Asked Questions

Miles to Work

This Document was a spread sheet created for a large department to calculate total fuel/miles/cost savings to its membership.
Miles to Work.xls

West Metro Study:

West Metro Fire Department located in west Denver did a comprehensive study on the 48-96 work schedule.  The following documents are from their study.

West Metro Final Report.pdf

St Anthony's Final Report.pdf

West Metro:St Anthony's Focus Group Final Report.pdf

West Metro Data.pdf

West Metro Graphs.pdf

West Metro Additional Graphs.pdf

Downloadable table comparing several different types of schedules:

Schedule Overviews

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